Amanda Robinson

Autumn Knight


High Concept: Sorcerer-Knight of Autumn

Trouble: Puck’s Plaything

Phase One: Grampa’s Grimoire

Phase Two: Fiercely Independent

Phase Three: Snarky Attitude

Phase Four: Trust Doesn’t Come Easy

Phase Five: Human Typhoon






Mild – 2 , +1 Mental

Moderate – 4

Severe – 6


Superb- Melee, Conviction

Great- Lore, Endurance

Good- Intimidation, Discipline

Fair- Rapport, Alertness, Presence

Average- Contacts, Athletics, Empathy, Deceit, Resources

Fate Points

3 / 35

Stunts & Powers

Unseelie Magic -2

Marked By Power -1

Evocation -3

Thaumaturgy -3

Wizards Constitution -0


Water (Control Spec), Spirit, Air


Lubricus – Water, Maneuver, 3 Shifts ; Inflicts a temporary aspect “Slippery Ground” on those in a given area using liquid as a medium.

Incidere – Water, Attack, 3(+1) shifts, Rote Fae Sword ; Attacks with a cutting blade of liquid at high force and specific shape.

Parietis – Spirit, Block, 3(+1) shifts, Rote Ring ; Throws up a defensive shield using spirit as a medium.


Crafting, Transportation

Rotes: Ostium – Transportation, 3 shifts Opens up a human sized portal to the Nevernever.

Focus Items

Autumn Fae Sword +1 Water Offense Power

Fingerless Gloves +1 Water Offense Control

Ring +1 Spirit Defense Power

2 Enchanted Item Slots

Phase One: Grampa’s Grimoire

Grew up raised by vanilla parents, but found her magical talent at age 13. Came into possession of a grimoire written by Great Grandfather Mortimer, a white council wizard. Entirely self trained, using her grandfathers writings as a teacher.

Phase Two: Fiercely Independent

Amanda had been practicing very close to the entrance to the Autumn Court. She became drawn into the Autumn Court for the amusement of the Sidhe there. After resisting temptation, they informed her that her parents had been kidnapped by the Spring Court, assuming that she had already been made the Autumn Knight. She was offered the position, but she declined. Saying her own power was enough to fight Spring.

Phase Three: Fairy Tales

When Amanda’s power alone isn’t enough to rescue her parents from the Spring Fae, she reluctantly accepts the mantle of Autumn Knight. But will she be able to save them when Sidhe politics, Puck, and a Red Court Vampire with a grudge step in the way?

Aspect: Snarky Attitude

Phase Four: Melt Down

Guest Starring: Peter Blackthorne II, Laslo Fitzroy

When several Spring Court nobles are reduced to smoldering piles of cinders on the floor during a gathering of the movers and shakers within Kansas City fingers are pointed at everyone. It’s up to a certain warden, a dragon’s emissary, and the Autumn Court’s Knight to find the culprit before the body count rises any higher. But with mistrusting political agendas, an imprisoned Prince of the Autumn Court, and an insane Black Court vampire on the scene, they may have more trouble than they can handle.

Aspect: Trust Doesn’t Come Easy

Phase Five _

Guest Starring: Rahne McLean, Peter Blackthorne II

When a series of murders perpetrated via Ghouls and Constructs start pouring out of the woodworks all around Kansas City, it’s up to the changeling thief, the prodigal Blackthorne, and the Autumn Knight to find and stop the persons responsible. But can they succeed when the local PD, Spring Sidhe and even the local White Court Vampires all seem to be protecting the operations of this mysterious man in charge?

Aspect: Human Typhoon

Amanda Robinson

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