Lazlo Fitzroy

Herald for the Dragon, Agryax



Superb – Resources,Intimidation

Great – Guns, Presence

Good – Endurance, Contacts

Fair – Alertness, Deceit, Athletics

Average – Driving, Weapons, Fists, Discipline, Lore


-1 Marked by Power (Template requisite)

-4 Supernatural Speed

-2 Inhuman Toughness

+2 Catch (Gold)

-1 Teflon Persona (Stunt)

-1 You Don’t Want Any of This (Stunt)

-1 Target-Rich Environment (Stunt)

Stress Tracks
Physical Stress: 6
Social Stress: 4
Mental Stress: 2


Character: Lazlo Fitzroy

Template: Emissary of Power

High Concept Aspect: Herald of Agyrax

Musts: Marked by Power (-1)

Trouble Aspect: Under a Scaly Thumb

Phase One:

Lazlo was born in St. Louis Missouri in 1970. The dragon Agyrax, known by mortals as Patrick Donovan, claimed him at birth and took him to Kansas City to raise as his own. Attending the best boarding schools money could buy, Lazlo wanted for nothing. After college, Lazlo joined the Army and served a four year tour. When the man returned home, Donovan bestowed upon him a position as the president of his real-estate company and his supernatural mantle. Unsure at first, Lazlo quickly embraced his new powers both mortal and supernatural, working by day at Donovan Development and by night as the Herald of Agryax.

Aspect: Silver Spoon

Phase Two:

Despite all of this, Lazlo had the sneaking suspicion that something is amiss. He knows nothing of his mother or any of his other relatives, and he sometimes feels that he’s being compelled to do the things he does rather than by his own choice.

On his 25th birthday, Lazlo was confronted by a man outside of his home, claiming to be his father. After listening to the man’s story and being shown a small pendant bearing an engraving of Donovan’s signature, Lazlo realized Donovan had some explaining to do. Patrick at first denied the allegations, but when Lazlo showed him the pendant, the man admitted that he wasn’t Lazlo’s real father. Furious, Lazlo lashed out at Donovan, who responded by showing Lazlo just a glimpse of his true form. Lazlo doesn’t remember much of what happened after that, waking up back in his home. A small pendant on his nightstand reminds him that he still has questions about his past and the true nature of Patrick Donovan.

Aspect: Bird in a Gilded Cage

Phase Three:

Story name: Red Light

When a supernatural brothel is targeted by a serial killer, Lazlo Fitzroy sets out to unmask the killer. But will Lazlo succeed when he’s up against an angry ogre, water nymphs, a fae turf war and his own father?

Aspect: Sucker for a Pretty Face

Phase Four

Story Title: Melt Down Guest Starring: Peter Blackthorne II, Amanda Robinson

Story: When several Spring Court nobles are reduced to smoldering piles of cinders on the floor during a gathering of the movers and shakers within Kansas City fingers are pointed at everyone. It’ up to a Lazlo, a green Warden,and the Autumn Court’s Knight to find the culprit before the body count rises any higher. But with mistrusting political agendas, an imprisoned Prince of the Autumn Court, and an insane Black Court vampire on the scene they may have more trouble than they can handle…

Aspect: Magic Makes Strange Bedfellows

Phase 5: Story: Rogue Gallery

When someone steals a priceless artifact belonging to his boss, Lazlo Fitzroy sets out to retrieve it. But after a case of mistaken identity causes him to cross paths (and swords) with changeling Rahne McLean, can the two of them work together and find the real thief before Kansas City pays the price?

Aspect: Spider-Man/Black Cat thing.

Lazlo Fitzroy

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