Peter Blackthorne II


Character: Peter Blackthorne II

Template: Wizard

High Concept Aspect: Green Warden

Musts: Evocation(-3), Thaumaturgy(-3), The Sight(-1), Soulgaze(-0), Wizard’s Constitution(-0)

Trouble Aspect: White Tape

Phase One:

Grew up one of the grandchildren of the illustrious Peter Blackthorne I. He spent much of his youth learning the principles of magic and arcane lore at his grandfather’s feet. His childhood was spent in a happy home filled with his parents, siblings, and grandfather.

Aspect: Hero Worship

Phase Two:

Peter Blackthorne I is reveled to have been routinely breaking many of the Laws of Magic for years, this finally leads to him being executed by Wardens. The Blackthornes are disgraced before the wizard community as a result. Left Kansas City along with his parents and siblings to live abroad. His training is now taken over by his mother (Desiree).

Aspect:: Laws Should Protect Folks

Phase Three:

Story Title: Homecoming

After completing his training Peter applies for a post as a Warden, he is assigned the title of Warden of Kansas City. When Peter arrives in Kansas City with his brother and sister at his side he begins trying to enforce the Laws of Magic within his new territory. But when a gang of sorcerers who have been using magic to kill make him and his siblings their next targets can he hope to survive much less succeed?

Aspect: A Stranger at Home

Phase Four

Story Title: Melt Down

Guest Starring: Lazlo Fitzroy, Amanda Robinson

Story: When several Spring Court nobles are reduced to smoldering piles of cinders on the floor during a gathering of the movers and shakers within Kansas City fingers are pointed at everyone. It’ up to a certain warden, a dragon’s emissary, and the Autumn Court’s Knight to find the culprit before the body count rises any higher. But with conflicting political agendas, an imprisoned Prince of the Autumn Court, and an insane Black Court vampire on the scene they may have more trouble than they can handle.

Phase Aspect: “The Black Court Owes Me.”

Phase Five

Story Title: Coin Toss

Guest Starring: Rahne McLean

Story: When a Blackened Denarius that was thought lost is found again, Rahne McLean is hired by the Church to reclaim it. But when she discovers that it is being auctioned off by the Spring Sidhe, will she be able to recover it before it falls into the wrong hands?

Arriving in Kansas City she enlists the help of an old friend and Wizard of the White Council Peter Blackthorne. In an explosive exchange of arcane might they manage to make off with the coin, leaving the Sidhe to deal with the Denarians.

Phase Aspect: The Black Thorn

1 Superb- Conviction
2 Great- Resources, Lore
3 Good- Endurance, Discipline, Scholarship
4 Fair- Athletics, Empathy, Presence, Alertness
5 Average- Contacts, Fists, Investigation, Guns, Rapport

Stunts & Powers
-1 Paranoid? Probably(Alertness): Gain a +2 Alertness when rolling against surprise.
-1 Occultist, Ghouls(Lore): Gain a +1 to Lore when researching things covered by Ghouls. Gain an additional +1 to Lore when research focuses on the Common Ghoul.
-3 Evocation
-3 Thaumaturgy
-1 The Sight
+0 The Soulgaze
+0 Wizard’s Constitution

Elements(Spirit, Air, Fire)
Power(Spirit +1)

Control(Divination +1)

Focus Items
The Black Thorn(+1 Spirit Offense,Conviction)
Copper Ring(+1 Spirit Defense Endurance, Conviction)
Athame(+1 Wind Offense, Discipline)

Enchanted Items
2 slots open for potions, Etc.

Rote Spells
Permoveo(The Black Thorn)
Parietis(Copper Ring)

Languages: English, latin, french, russian

Physical(Endurance): Four
Mental(Conviction): Four
Social(Presence): Three


Peter Blackthorne II

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