Rahne McLean

Supernatural Thief


Current Fate Points: 2

Template: Changeling

High Concept Aspect: Thief of Glaistig Blood
Trouble: “I’ve stolen from a lot of people”
Other Aspects:
Pawn to a Wicked Heart
A Highland Dickens Tale
Slippery When Wet
Rahne’s WWII Custom Delisle Commando Carbine
Lazlo’s the Bruce Wayne to my Selina Kyle


Superb: Burglary +5
Great: Deceit, Alertness +4
Good: Resources, Contacts, Athletics +3
Fair: Stealth, Presence, Rapport, Empathy +2
Average: Driving, Guns, Endurance, Conviction, Scholarship +1

Stress Capacity

Physical Stress: ()()()
Mental Stress: ()()()
Social Stress: ()()()
Mild Any -2
Moderate Any -4
Severe Any -6

Stunts and Powers

-2 Glamors
-2 Inhuman Speed
-1 Supernatural Senses
-1 Ward Breaker (Stunt)
Extensive training versus supernatural defenses allows you to use your Burglary skill to attempt to break wards.
-1 Trained Eyes (Stunt)
You have cased so many places you now see more than just weaknesses in your surroundings. You may use your Burglary skill in place of Investigation for the Examination and Surveillance Trappings.
Total Refresh Change: -7
Adjusted Refresh: 3


Phase One:
Born in 1832 in rural Scotland. Her birth was the result of a deal made between a Glaistig longing for children of her own and a conniving local farmer. The man used the child as leverage to gain favors from the Glaistig, never letting her truly know the child. The Glaistig finally cursed the man and he fled to the largest city in Scotland with the child.
Aspect: Pawn to a Wicked Heart

Phase Two:
Cursed and desperate for money. Rahne’s father forced her into pick pocketing and thievery in order to provide for them. Eventually going so far as to have Rahne lead a small group of children thieves for him. Her father was eventually arrested. Narrowly avoiding the police herself, Rahne was left with nothing but her skills. She grew into a young adult working for various seedy organizations throughout Glasgow.
Aspect: A Highland Dickens Tale

Phase Three:
Title: True Calling
It wasn’t until her late teens that Rahne learned of her fae heritage. Leaving the city she sought out her home town. She was confronted by a group of summer pixies in a glade and told of the wondrous power that could be hers if she only did them a small favor. She must steal an artifact from a old wizard in a neighboring glen. She accepted and they showed her how to tap into her faerie power. Rahne was able to bypass the wizards defenses, but was captured in the wizard’s spells. Knowing she could not face him head on, she used trickery and wits to escape his clutches, only narrowly making back to the glade. The pixies were unhappy at her failure and attempted to bind the girl to her service, but she was wiley and escaped the trickery of the pixies. Realizing that even the supernatural would fall for her skills, she began to study the supernatural. She then brokered herself to the supernatural community for uncommon thievery.
Aspect: Slippery When Wet

Phase Four:
Name: Coin Toss
When a Blackened Denarius that was thought lost is found again, Rahne McLean is hired by the Church to reclaim it. But when she discovers that it is being auctioned off by the Spring Sidhe, will she be able to recover it before it falls into the wrong hands? Arriving in Kansas City she enlists the help of an old friend and Wizard of the White Council Peter Blackthorne. In an explosive exchange of arcane might they manage to make off with the coin, leaving the Sidhe to deal with the Denarians.
Aspect: Rahne’s WWII Custom Delisle Commando Carbine

Phase 5:
Name: Rogue Gallery
When someone steals a priceless artifact belonging to his boss, Lazlo Fitzroy sets out to retrieve it. But after a case of mistaken identity causes him to cross paths (and swords) with changeling Rahne McLean, can the two of them work together and find the real thief before Kansas City pays the price?
Aspect: Lazlo’s the Bruce Wayne to my Selina Kyle

Possible powers of the Glaistig
Supernatural Sense -1
Glamors -2
Inhuman Speed -2
Inhuman Recovery -2
Echoes of the Beast -1
Ritual Magic -2

Rahne McLean

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