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Kansas City, Missouri

A Brief History of Kansas City in the Dresdenverse…

A brief history of Kansas City according to the history books can be found here

The truth is a lot stranger. What people don’t know, what the history books don’t tell you, is that Kansas City is both a battlefield and a fortress. Everyone in the know has heard of the Fae Courts; Summer and Winter, two sides of the same coin, locked in eternal gridlock, playing Machiavellian games far beyond mortal ken. But there’s something that even those wise to the weirder side of the world don’t know.

Four hundred years ago the Sidhe courts were vastly different than they are now. There were four High Courts originally, each one representing a season of the year, each one living co-existing in relative harmony. When the first settlers from the Old World bumped onto the shores of the new one, though, that all changed.

The war between the Four Courts of Faerie was long and brutal, but in the end the Queens Mab and Titania came out on top. They dismantled the Spring and Autumn Courts and divided the remaining power up between Summer and Winter.

You may be wondering what this has to do with Kansas City. I’m getting there. See, beings like Mab and Titania possess great and terrible power. The Queens Who Are are so tied up with the natural order that destroying them is impossible. It’s the same for the Kings of Spring and Autumn.

Kansas City rests on an important river running through the New World; the Missouri. What most people don’t know is that the river is resting on one of the strongest leylines in America. When KC was established in 1853, Oberon and the Green Man moved in too. And they waited, keeping their existence secret as they guided the mortal architects to form the Knights of Aquarius and build the great fountains that seem to be everywhere within the city.

The placement of those fountains… it’s a stroke of genius. They’ve been arranged to make a greater glyph, a sigil of immense power. Strong enough to form a boundary between the inside of the city and out, at least as far as magic is concerned. See for yourself if you don’t believe me. Try and perform some scrying or a tracer. It just doesn’t work.

This is all a part of their plan, of course. It’s made the city into a supernatural dead zone, almost completely cut off from outside tampering. I can’t say why they’ve done it, but I know it can’t be good.

Kansas City, High-Level View

The Idea: The fountains of Kansas City are arranged to form a magical barrier that prevents large-scale ritual magic as well as scrying attempts and tracking spells from being cast within the city.

The Aspect: Magical Blind-Spot

The Faces: Sir Reginald Fontleroy

The Idea: A warlock is trying to destroy the Knights of Aquarius and break the Confluence in the process.

The Aspect: A Dark Wind Doth Blow…

The Faces: Augustus Sinclair, Sharon Dubois

The Idea: Conflicts between the believed-dead Autumn and Spring Sidhe are spilling into the mortal realm.

The Aspect: Caught in the Crossfire

The Faces: Puck, Valarian, George Jones

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